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For purposes of clarity OKR in full means objectives and key results which is basically a framework for managing goals. Most organizations usually have goals that they set either at the institution of the organization or every year and for the goals to be achieved there has to be a mechanism through which the goals can be achieved. Achievement of goals involves many factors and team work is greatly involved so as people in the same space can work together towards achievement of the goals.

Technology is here to stay and we now are even able to follow up on our goals and how they can achieved thus making OKR one of the best frameworks to use since it has software that can be installed in phones or even computers and thus making it easy to use. One of the things that the reader of this article will gain is more understanding about OKR.

When employees are not happy at work they are bound to be unproductive and hence causing an organization more loses than profits. Thus companies have tried to find ways through which they can improve working conditions and equally keep their employees engaged.

Increase in profits has now been made a reality through the OKR framework and hence making it possible for most organizations to achieve their dreams. One other notable importance of OKR is that it works from the root upwards in that it starts by looking at the visions of the company and then deriving objectives so as an organization is able to have a starting point as regards where they can begin addressing their issues.

OKR has basically helped fast achievement of goals since the quarterly assessments can help organization to change strategies.

For an organization to move forward transparency and accountability is key and thus through the use of OKR software transparency can be achieved. This is possible since each person can access the other’s progress by just looking at the information they store on the software platform. Additionally it is through OKR that individuals can review their progress and equally know what they need to do to enhance their results. Additionally through OKR organizations are able to access effort and know what goals to set next time since there are goals that are too far-fetched and thus a slight change is key.

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