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Best Treatment Methods of the Parkinson Patients
Understanding a disease is only done by the specialist because as much as the body may be ill diseases affects the same area. The brain is known to be part of the body that controls speech and when the neurodegenerative disorder affects the brain nerves a victim may have difficulty in the speech as well as the muscle rigidity. The disease however do not have a cure, but with treatments you can relieve the symptoms that are caused by it. The treatments that include the nordic walking helps Parkinson patients can slow down the disease and help the people to live in spite of the tremors effectively.

The treatment of the disease can be in the form of the medication that is a substitute or increases the level of the hormone ensuring that you live a healthy life and reduce the movement problems. However the effects of the medication that you take can diminish over time thus making it no permanent way to hold the severity level of the disease. The Nordic walking helps Parkinson patients carbidopa-levodopa chemical assist in the adding the level of the dopamine by the levodopa converting into the dopamine once it reaches the carbidopa enhances the brain and the conversion in the right place.

The duopa medication is effective and is administered through the small intestines for the patients who have the problems with the other forms of the medication. Instead of turning into the dopamine, the agonists mimic the dopamine effect on the brain, and although their effectiveness may not like to be that of the levodopa they can be used alongside each other to curb the effects. The compound inhibitors that are used can be able to restrain the breakdown of the dopamine in the brain through the enzyme MAO B that will reduce the decrease of the dopamine hormone in the brain through the medication can make you be nausea and insomnia.

The inhibitor medication however when used alongside the carbidopa-levodopa can make a patient hallucinate, and they cannot be used alongside the antidepressants because they can lead to a dangerous reaction. The inhibitor COMTC blocks the enzyme that breaks down the dopamine and enhances the effect of the Levodopa . The medication with the Nordic walking helps Parkinson patients are used in the control of the tremor was used, but with time they realized the side effects of the dry mouth, hallucination, impaired urination, and confusion in patients.

With the mild effect the amantadine and Nordic walking help Parkinson patients to control the involuntary movement in patients although it causes hallucination and ankle swelling. The deep brain stimulation surgical procedure is used in the insertion of the electrodes in the brain that helps manipulate the brain activity. The best and effective way is Nordic walking helps Parkinson patients that balance the patient’s upper body thus less effect and better heart rate.